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I have just logged in to account for first time in... waaaay too long! And have to wonder, does anyone use LJ any more? Or at all...

Torchwood on ABC2

Just saw an ad on ABC1 for Torchwood, coming to ABC2 soon 'in a sci-fi double'! Will have to keep an eye out for it.

Dr Who - Planet of the Dead

WOW! Almost missed it! Not sure how I managed to see that it was on Sunday evening on the ABC as I watch so little TV of late, but fortunately found out.

Had to laugh though, my son came in to watch Merlin and stayed in the lounge room when I flicked from TEN to ABC and he didn't have a clue what was on. I waited, not telling him, as it started and loved it when he let out a whoop when David/Doctor appeared well into the intro.

And can someone tell me what the story is with David? Has he really stepped down as The Doctor, or was that just a sort of tease to make us think he really was handing the mantle on to the 'other Doctor' in the Christmas Special? I adore David as The Doctor even though he did take a little while to grow on me after Christoper Ecclestone.

Merlin - TEN Network

OK, have seen the first two episodes, and while I can easily see why friends have said not to look for any 'history' in it, it's taken a little bit to get used to the modern language that's used in Merlin.

It's great to see Anthony Stewart Head on screen again, even as a 'big mean nasty' king.

And is anyone else a Highlander fan?? Do you see a young Methos in Merlin too??

Castle is coming!!

At last, one of the three new shows I've been waiting for for months is actually coming to our screens.

Yes, I found him in Serenity, having never managed to see Firefly, and again in Dr. Horrible which was hysterical. And now Nathan Fillion is coming to screen again as Rick Castle in Castle.

Don't expect the usual 'cop show' stuff - they have serious material, like the typical CSI/Criminal Minds/NCIS/blahblahblah - but it's a little more 'lightweight' in that Castle adds a sense of humour that is a very pleasant change from the weight of the plethora of 'cop/murder' shows currently running.

Anyway, Sunday night at 9.30 on 7 network will be its first screening. Hope they manage to run the full season, unlike other networks who drop shows into timeslots for a few weeks then suspend them...

*headdesk* Ummm, about Fringe?

I really did mean to post this in here, but managed to forget the whole 'Post to:' bit obviously! And sadly only just realised it... *groans*

So... Fringe... Beware of a small spoiler in the post!

Criminal Minds

Okay I'll admit I'm a huge Criminal Minds fan, but I'm not so sure about the changes in Season 3.

I'd love to hear what people think of post Gideon 'CM'.

DW S4 E 12 - Stolen Earth

Hmmm, how many have tried dialing that number? ;)I am so glad I've avoided all spoilers for this season, as tempting as it may have been so often to just read what others were saying.

Apart from having to try and jam in so many from so much into so little time, it was an interesting episode, though there were a few of those things that kinda left me feeling a little disjointed, but that could be because I wasn't feeling the best while watching either, which kind of distracted me.

And what about the regeneration???

DW S4 - Midnight

OK, like last week this is just again endearing me to this season! The dynamics and study of group or pack mentality etc was VERY interesting and I loved it!

And now for Confidential...

Dr Who - S4 Catchup!!!


I've missed the previous two episodes, the Wasp and the Unicorn, and then Silence in the Library, until this weekend just gone when I managed to catch up before last night, and all I can say is I'm damned glad I watched and caught up before last night!

And last night's episode? Or at least the two of them? As much as they had my head spinning there for a long while, when it all finally came together, and how it ended? It was fantastic!

And I loved how they used 'books', as they said in the Confidential. Here's the biggest computer with every 'book' in the universe - books, not files, or downloads or screens etc, but books. Loved it.